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18 th China International Lubricants and Technology Exhibition is held ,time:Sept.21-23, 2017 BEIJING, China International Exhibition Center Fair NANJING FEIXIANG CHEMICAL

Vehicle lubricating grease and automobile chemical maintenance products: engine oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, coolant, brake oil, anti-wear agent, cleaning agent, lubricating grease, fuel additives and other related chemical maintenance products.

Industrial lubricating oil: hydraulic oil, gear oil, compressor oil, vacuum pump oil, oil, oil, electric conduction rubber for oil, food grade oil and cosmetic white oil, metal, oil and other equipment for conditioning agent.

Metal processing and rust preventive materials: cutting fluid, quenching oil, die casting oil, mold oil, rust preventive material, etc.

Production of raw materials: all kinds of basic oil of lubricating oil additives, etc.

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